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Healthy and Happy Life?

Use Self-Care to Create a

Life of Abundance and Balance 

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...looking in the mirror and seeing a healthy and happy version of yourself staring back at you—even while balancing a career, helping with homework, planning family vacations, squeezing in date night or the occasional girls' getaway and everything else that comes with being a woman in today's fast-paced world. 

That's my life now...

But not how it used to be!

Low energy? Emotional eating? Been there. Feeling guilty at the thought of taking time away from work or family to care for yourself?  Been there too. I’ve been juggling a high-powered career, motherhood and marriage since 2006, and the stress of managing it all was overwhelming! Today, I know how to use self-care to achieve sustainable weight loss and life balance. Are you ready to get the winning formula and become a vibrant, thriving powerhouse?



Self-care is simply making your health and wellness a daily priority.

For busy women, finding the time for self-care doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen. It’s that simple.


That’s how I went from being an overwhelmed and overweight woman with a lackluster marriage to a healthy and happy international speaker and certified self-care coach with a booming business, hot and steamy marriage, thriving family and exciting social life.



Workplace Wellness

Imagine growing your business simply by supporting the health and wellness of your employees.  Workplace wellness has endless benefits for you and your employees. Bring wellness to your workplace if you want to have a:


  • More effective and productive workforce

  • Positive company culture to build teamwork

  • Elevated public image that attracts top talent

  • Reduction in healthcare costs for you and employee

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Self Care Mentor

High-stress careers and managing families prevent most people from maintaining a balanced life.  The Healthy and Happy Virtual and Live Coaching Programs are designed to teach you sustainable techniques so that you can have long-term success in:

  • Releasing weight 

  • Increasing energy

  • Enhancing relationships 

  • Improving mental clarity


Requests to Speak

As an international speaker, holistic pharmacist, best-selling author, gut-health specialist and certified integrative nutrition health coach, Dr. Marsie will bring her real-life approach to wellness to help you deliver life-long value to your attendees. With a wide-range of speaking topics, Dr. Marsie is available for:

  • Keynote addresses 

  • Panel discussions

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Company lunch and learns

  • Small group sessions

  • Large conferences



Client Testimonials

Charline Spruill

Medical Assistant,

mom and Wife of 17 years 

The Intensive Self-Care Coaching Program with Dr. Marsie changed my way of thinking about myself and breathed new life in my relationships, especially with my husband and my mother! Because of Dr. Marsie I am not resentful or angry and I can finally thrive at work. After just 6 weeks with Dr. Marsie and the small group sessions I am released from the crippling effects of my anxiety and I am medication free!

J. Hunter

Professional and a newlywed

with blended family.

My husband and family have noticed that I'm making myself a priority and have come to understand how important my self-care is to me. They now ask what my schedule is instead of assuming that I'm available and can take them somewhere, cook, etc. Working with Dr. Marsie has actually FREED UP my whole family because we're all more respectful our each other and understand the value in having down/self-care time.

Batina Washington


Trial Attorney, wife, mom of 2

Dr. Marsie is so relatable! She shares her own story about self-neglect and is so open about sharing real tools for real women to have real results in their health, business and relationships! Dr. Marsie also shared with me ways I could meet my goals without adding stress to my daily work schedule and how to make little changes and increase those changes bit by bit until they no longer feel like changes and instead they feel more like my normal mode of operation. I am a more productive attorney and a more present mother and wife thanks to the Healthy and Happy Coaching Program!

Dr. Marsie is a proud member of the:




Hi there! I’m Dr. Marsie, and I founded Healthy and Happy Coaching, a boutique wellness company to help women uncover what it means to make wellness a priority, so they can have abundance in their personal and professional lives. I’ve perfectly designed wellness programs to help women integrate healthy habits that enrich their lives from the inside out.


Isn't it about time for you to…

  • Reclaim your health, energy and focus?

  • Reconnect in your core relationships?

  • Reignite your productivity in the workplace?

Award-Winning Pharmacist | Author  
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach



As a healthcare professional, I’ve counseled countless women on how to optimize their lifestyle choices to create lasting habits that help them thrive in their overall health, relationships and careers.  How?


Embracing self-care without guilt or apology is the key to living healthy and happy at home and at work.

You are worthy and deserving of a life with self-care,  self-confidence and self-assurance. More than 50% of women fail to achieve this without guidance and support. Are you tired of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? My wellness program will help you rediscover yourself so that you can receive all the health and happiness your heart and hands can hold!

Love, Dr. Marsie 


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