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Better Than Thin

12-week nutrition and fitness program

All this for less than $7 a day!

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What does the program include?

  • 12 comprehensive weeks with Dr. Marsie

  • Personalized action plans based on your goals

  • Personalized weekly workouts

  • Once a week live workout with Dr. Marsie (12 total) for all fitness levels

  • Personalized weekly meal plans complete with grocery lists & recipes/cooking instructions

  • Weekly small group health coaching calls (led by Dr. Marsie) for support, accountability, and teaching

  • 3 mini group challenges

    • Cardio challenge: 10k a day (get those steps in!)

    • Core challenge: 30 days of planking it out

    • Glute Challenge: Booty Booty Booty!

  • Bi-weekly group meal prep calls (learn how to prep your meals effectively and efficiently, how to buy in bulk & freeze for later)

  • Food scale

  • Health books

  • Journal to track your progress and your feelings

  • Weekly mantras- curated just for you!

  • The tools to restore a healthy relationship with food

  • Meal plan options for:

    • Weight loss

    • Hormone balance

    • Blood sugar regulation

    • Healthy heart

    • Healthy joints

    • Mood regulation

    • Anti-inflammatory

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All this for less than $7 a day!

Fit Woman

Who is this challenge for?

Women who…

✓ Want to release unwanted weight and learn how to keep it off

✓ Are tired of losing and regaining weight without lasting change

✓ Want more energy

✓ Want to reduce belly bloat & shrink their waistline naturally

✓ Suffer with hot flashes or other hormone related symptoms

✓ Want to stop mood swings and balance their moods

✓ Want to feel strong, confident, and sexy again

✓ Want to learn how to use nutrition to their advantage

✓ Want to build or restore a healthy relationship w food

✓ Want to improve intimacy with their partners

✓ Want to manage their blood pressure and blood sugar through nutrition and exercise

✓ Want to improve their nighttime sleep

✓ Women who want to stop experimenting with fad diets that have minimal results

All this for less than $7 a day!


This program is NOT for you if you are…

  • Not willing to do the work

  • Looking for fast, easy, and unsustainable results

  • Not coachable

  • Not ready to show up for yourself

  • Looking for a fad or gimmick

  • Not ready to learn directly from a health expert

  • Not willing to be honest about why your health is suffering

  • Not ready to embrace self-care without guilt or apology

Who is Dr. Marsie?

Dr. Marsie:

  • Is a healthcare professional with more than 20 years’ experience

  • Is a women’s health advocate and self-care crusader

  • Is an international speaker

  • Is the visionary author of two women’s health books

  • Is a mom of 3 amazing children

  • Is a wife of almost 15 years

  • Is a certified integrative nutrition health coach

  • Is certified in digestive health

  • Is certified in hormone balance

  • Is earning her Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance

  • Is adding to her expertise with a Clinical Nutrition Specialist license

  • Just celebrated her 50th birthday

  • Is just getting started helping women THRIVE!


Dr. Marsie is not:

  • A registered dietitian

    • Dr. Marsie is earning a Master’s in Nutrition which soon be required of all RDs!

  • A certified fitness instructor

    • Dr. Marsie is a workout enthusiast and former competitive runner!

  • An absentee health coach

    • Dr. Marsie is an attentive and present resource, your cheerleader, and your health advocate

  • A quick fix or gimmick health coach

    • Dr. Marsie is there to help you do the inner work to make sustainable changes so you can enjoy the lifelong benefits!

  • Judgmental!

    • Dr. Marsie’s superpower is creating safe spaces for women to share their why behind health hurdles and self-sabotage!

Join In The Program

Starts- Sunday October 11th, 2020

Ends- Saturday January 2nd. 2021

Normally $1500 but only $600 this round! That’s less than $7 a day!
 $100 off referral bonus 

All this for less than $7 a day!

Need to dig deeper to restore your relationship with food and to learn tools to help you embrace self-care?

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